7 Steps to Creating a Winning Marketing Video for Your Brand

Video is a powerful content marketing tool.

It’s a perfect tool for storytelling.

Video marketing greatly influences the success of content marketing efforts and general promotional campaigns.

Video also makes connecting with people effectively. It fosters the development of deeper, satisfying relationships between your business and its target audience.

Here’re statistics to prove that video is an integral aspect of content marketing:

  • An article published on Forbes shows that 87% of online marketers utilize video content in their marketing strategy.
  • Video, according to Cisco, accounted for 80% of consumer internet traffic in 2019.
  • Mobile video consumption volume increases by 100% each year, meaning NOW’s the right time to exploit video content strategy to boost your business.
  • Unlike a combination of text and photos, social media video content generate up to 1200% more shares.

The number of time users spent watching online videos between 2013 and 2018 increased by approximately 32% each year.

According to the same Zenith report, individuals will spend about 100 minutes on average daily in 2021 watching videos. This translates to about 25 full days.

Take note of this prediction if you’re planning to develop a winning video marketing strategy. It’s entirely up to you on what to include in your videos.

The right strategy opens doors to more viewers for better brand promotion. Here’re a few steps to creating valuable videos as important business assets you need to promote your brand:

7 Steps to Creating a Successful Video Marketing Strategy for Your Business

  1. Develop a simple video SEO strategy

SEO is relevant for videos just like your website content and blog posts.

YouTube has grown to become the second-largest online search engine.

People are increasingly using the YouTube network to search for specific videos. It’s also used for searching general information just as on the Google.com search engine.

Here’s how to deploy video SEO to make your brand videos easier to find online on YouTube:

  • Use short yet informative titles to grab the attention of your target audience – plan your keywords well and use the YouTube keyword tool or the SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool to find relevant keywords.
  • Include keywords and a link to your website in the video description of up to 70 characters. It helps users understand the content of your video.
  • Add different keyword variations in your video tags based on what people watching your video could be searching for.
  • Create colorfully, branded, eye-catching thumbnails of high quality to engage your users because they’re the first things that lure users to watch your videos.
  • Add enough links to your video for link-building and ranking of your important keywords in search.
  • Create a video sitemap to offer your users and search engines all details about the content of your video for ranking purposes.
  • Optimize your videos for mobile devices because millions of users watch videos through mobile viewing.
  • Define what your video is about

Provide enough information on what your video is about if you want more views. It’ll help users decide whether to watch it or not.

According to John Bottom’s blog, people skim video titles before deciding to watch it.

However, video isn’t in an easy format to skim as you’d with its title and description. People prefer to scan a text description or image in seconds instead of watching your 5 or 10-minute video.

Here’s how to fix the problem:

  • Create a short, informative, and accurate synopsis that highlights 3 to 5 benefits of watching your video. Plot the main points of your video if it’s a narrative.
  • Transcribe your videos to provide your viewers with text content to skim before deciding to watch your video. The content also helps search engines to easily crawl your video content. Check here how Rand Fishkin creates viral video content.
  • Deploy social proof

Social proof increases conversions and builds credibility and trust between your brand and your target audience. According to Animoto, 50% of customers find client testimonial videos useful and use them to make informed buying decisions.

Some tools to use to indicate your brand popularity and how people find it valuable and informative include:

  • Votes
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Views

Case studies and video testimonials are effective ways to showcase your products or services to customers. The following people can help create your videos:

  • Experts
  • Customers
  • Friends
  • Celebrities

Check out how Van Damme helped Volvo create a winning video for its product/service offering.

 4.) Optimize your video for conversions

Encourage your target audience to view your video. When that’s done, exploit your views for conversions. Focus on optimizing your video content for conversions as follows:

  • Create a clear call to action based on your objective, be it sales, leads or simply conversions.
  • Add a message direct from speakers in your video, share buttons, and a link to your landing page at the end of the video. Make sure your video is engaging.

Here’s how Berenji & Associates created a direct prompt for free consultations and what to do afterward.

  • Analyze and determine the best time to publish your video for optimal views in the first 48 hours to help show YouTube the essence of your content to other viewers.
  • Offer instant incentives to engage with and watch your videos; consider the following:
  • A free white paper
  • Discounts to your viewers
  • Links to a free course
  • A giveaway
  • Create interactive, entertaining, and educative video content for your users; be creative and find out what works to get greater conversions. Here’s an entertaining Slack video for inspiration.

Provide 2 to 3 contact options, including:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Contact forms
  • Emails.

See how Fernandez & Karney went about this tip.

  • Create short and simple videos for better performance than their longer counterparts. However, you can choose a video length that works for you.
  • Thank your audience at the end of the video to increase conversions. Showcase sincere emotions regarding your customer memories. It lures new clients and improves the rate of retention.
  • Select your channels for distribution

Choose the right channels for video distribution to deliver content to your target audience.

Send your video to as many online platforms as you can to increase viewership. Here’re ways you can revamp your video content strategy:

  • Post the video on your website to get new views and enhance the performance of your site.
  • Upload your video content on Vimeo and YouTube to get started.
  • Share the video directly on social media platforms as follows:
  • Embed your video in emails
  • Introduce your video on SlideShare for your video presentations.

Keep sharing your videos and discovering new promotional channels.

Optimize your video’s maximum impact and reach. Here’re tips to consider when creating a winning video strategy for your brand:

  • Pay to promote your views – customize parameters and know your target audience.
  • Engage your viewers for comments, notifications, and their opinions; create a compelling description or introduction, tailor your parameters.
  • Grow your subscribers and expose them.
  • Include it in a general promotional campaign.

6.) Assess your video performance

Analytics is an important part of online marketing. Deliberately improve your marketing campaigns.

Use Google Analytics or YouTube Analytics to track the performance, traffic, views, shares, mentions, and total watch time of your videos.

With total shares, mentions and views, you can measure your general brand awareness. Choose clear measurement methods to develop a successful marketing plan.

7.) Do something you love to relax

Take part in a fun activity that you enjoy to relax your mind. For instance, you can play indoor games before getting back to reviewing and finalizing your video.

With proper maintenance of your body and mind with physical activity, you’re bound to be better at your content.


High-performing videos take efforts and time to create. With the right plan and creativity, you optimize the potential of your video to share inspiring stories. Encourage your users to watch your video and take action.

A Clip for Everything: Why Video Is Such a Powerful Learning Medium

Video platforms like YouTube have become wildly popular in the last few years. However, they hold more than simple entertainment value. They can also serve as a fantastic learning tool both for purely educational purposes as well as marketing purposes. This is why many professionals and casual users alike have turned to the power of video in recent years. 

Videos Offer a Visual Learning Platform

There are four main learning styles including visual learning, auditory learning, kinesthetic learning, and reading/writing learning. Video is very powerful because it caters to both visual and auditory learning and can even cater to the reading/writing learning style if the text is included in the content.

This is particularly helpful when talking about what a viewer might need for a certain task. For instance, if you’re teaching carpentry and tell learners they need a router table with steel construction and legs, it’s often useful to show them what you’re talking about it.

Alternatively, take an example in which you’re teaching a learner how a portable generator looks. A visual learner will react better to a video explaining how that generator supplies power for an area compared to only hearing an explanation.

Videos Are Easy to Consume

If you’ve ever opened a textbook, you know how intimidating it can be. Looking at a wall of text makes many people nervous or even check out altogether. Videos don’t have this same level of intimidation.

Videos have an advantage because they don’t require much effort on behalf of the user. They don’t have to read anything – all they have to do, usually, is watch and listen. In addition, videos are also easy to turn on while the user is doing something else. For instance, many people watch how-to videos while they do what the video is teaching them which appeals to kinesthetic learners as well.

There is also the fact that videos are easily accessible. According to the Pew Research Center, platforms such as YouTube are among the most popular social media platforms and have been for years.

This means that videos aren’t only a great medium for learning, it’s also a medium that’s already caught on. If someone has a problem, it’s likely that they’ll turn to video content for answers no matter if they need a day-to-day clarification on the technology they’re using or they’re studying for an exam. In general, they reduce the cognitive load on the learner to absorb the information they’re trying to learn.

Videos Are Often More Engaging

As already mentioned, written works like textbooks or user manuals often have to work against the disadvantage of being perceived as a “wall of text.” In video form, speakers often have a better chance of engaging the viewer and entertaining them than through the written word. However, this also comes down to the production value of the video and the delivery of the speaker.

The engaging nature of videos is a similar idea to the concept behind using them to advertise upcoming content. Using a video as promotional material gives users a glimpse at what they’re expecting which is often more impactful than words alone.

Videos Often Take Advantage of Microlearning

When someone is presented with too much information at once, they won’t take it in as well if they learned it little by little. Similarly, trying to learn something in extended sessions can lead to “burn out” and lead to learners trying to finish what they’re doing rather than absorbing the information into their long-term memory.

Instead, the idea of microlearning is often more effective. This idea involves giving users information in a series of short bursts rather than in an extended session.

For videos, this would mean releasing multiple short videos rather than a single long one. For example, if a company was offering answers to questions about a new product, it’s more effective to release multiple short videos rather than a single long video explaining the entire owner’s manual.

For users who only have specific questions, this makes the answers they need easier to find. A small video clearly stating the content is more likely to get more views than a long video with a generic title.

Videos Are Easier to Produce By Comparison

There are also benefits of video on the person trying to share information. First and foremost, they’re comparatively easier to make vs. other mediums to relay information. For instance, if you want to share how to use new features of a piece of technology your company has created to customers, it won’t take long to make a video compared to re-releasing a user’s manual. This is also a good reason that videos can be useful in the intermediary if you’re working on a medium with a longer production period.

Video Ideas To Sell Tankless Water Heaters

People buy what they love to see rather than the theoretical explanations that do not give them the practical outlook of the products. A video of a tankless water heater will benefit from this form of marketing. It is among the best form of digital marketing. The advanced technology provides a better way of disseminating information about the tankless water heaters. When you opt to use email marketing to promote the heaters then a video file can accompany the email campaign to market the product. What are the different video ideas to promote it?

Make it simple with catchy images

We are in the era of advanced technology and videos can be viewed right from the smartphones or tablet. To increase the audience make the videos as short as possible to encourage someone to download it even on their smartphone without worrying about the storage space.

Advertise the video without disclosing its content

People love to quench their curiosity and by this announcement, the moment you unleash the video then be sure that you will have a varied audience who may turn out to be sales.

Use happy clients as video testimonials.

Few people love to test waters, instead, they prefer to take products that have been tested and proven. Use your customers as a marketing tool even on your websites, social media pages, email campaigns and even local visual media.

Have a practical video set up of the water heater

Assume the viewer lacks the idea of how to use the heater. Have a video demonstration from assemblage to usage as you use the platform to explain the benefits. You can explain the features of the tankless water heater and their specific function of water heating.

Sell the benefits and positive impact of the tank on their lives

It is an old-school way to just throw the product in the market and just tell people to buy. Customers want to know of what benefit will this tank have on their life. Basically, what is the compelling factor that will make him think otherwise and just purchase it?

Provide relevant, factual and valuable information

Do not just sell the product on the video. Provide information relevant to the tankless heaters. For example, you can use the platform to educate people on the importance of hot water. Within the video, you now mention the tankless heater as the only way to have instant hot water shower at home without using more water. The name tankless should come out clearly and the fact that it saves on utility bills like water and electricity is a selling point.

Have a live interview to get feedback

You can take advantage of the live chats as well as the live sessions on social media pages to break the monotony of just disseminating information without getting feedback. Wherever you post the video have a session to also listen to interested parties as well as customers who already have your products. Besides, you also get to address some of the concerns of new customers. This is a technique when used wisely can be the best marketing tool for tankless water heaters. The fact that this is a product rather than a service industry, you have a chance to just have a practical session to prove efficiency and effectiveness of the heaters to both homes and commercial enterprises.

Why Video Is A Great Promotional Material For Foosball Equipment Sellers

There are different brands of foosball equipment available out there. You may have the best brands trying to sell but people are not aware of them. You need to invest in the right marketing methods. Use of video is a great way to market the equipment. For instance, you can make a video which explains the different features of given equipment before you can share on social media where people will get to know about the equipment. If people can easily learn about the features available on the equipment, then it will be easy for them to buy the equipment which will make it very easy to make sales. Here are some of the benefits of using video promotion materials.

Easy to share the information
You need to share the information about the products you well like discussing some reviews (https://www.bestpingpongtables.review/foosball/) about the foosball equipment. For instance, you need to let people interact with the equipment so that they can know what they are buying. If you can share the information on video sharing sites such as YouTube, it makes it easy for as many people as possible to see the videos from where they can get to learn about them. If you can get people fully informed about the quality products you make in video footage, then they will easily make a buying decision which is necessary for you to make money in the process.

Videos make it easy for people to learn about the game
There are some areas where people are not used to foosball. If you can get to introduce such people to the game, then you make it easy for them to gain interest and even start buying the products. With the use of videos, it is very easy to explain even the hard as aspects of the game to people. If you are trying to sell foosball, then it is necessary for you to try and invest in clear videos. There are different types of tools out there you can use to create explainer videos which you can use to create the best videos which you can share.

It is easy to share videos
There are several platforms out there you can use to share videos. Even if you would like to shave over the smartphones, you can easily do so. They make it easy to explain even lengthy sessions about a given product. If you are trying to simplify your explanations, then you need to have the explanation on video. There are some aspects you can find hard to explain; it is very easy to explain them in the videos.

It is a new trend
Nowadays the way people consume content is shifting towards the video content. There are several benefits associated with video content hence people are more interested in the content, unlike other forms. If you can create short and long videos about the products you sell, then you can easily attract more people to your products which will contribute towards growing your business. To compete favorably with your competitors, you need to invest in the marketing methods which they use If you go for video marketing, you can easily compete.