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We are a team of videographers and online marketers. Our interests range from video games to YouTube videos.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a billion words. People using video marketing will get better benefits than those who don’t. That is why video publishers are becoming the main focus of marketing teams. Businesses that use the services of a video publisher are likely to reach more customers.

What Our Team Aims For

Plavid Network celebrates and explores the exploits of video publishers. We take a deep dive into the process of shooting, editing, and promoting an online video. Our website offers insights on shooting the best video for your marketing campaigns. We will also review a list of software that video publishers use in their line of work. Finally, we may also offer tips and insights on publishing videos on your website and social media sites.

Our Process

Our writers will also be presenting the best ways to save money as a video publisher. It is possible for one person to publish a video that will reach millions of people while spending half of the money that another person will spend to create a mediocre video. It all comes down to understanding the right angles, colors, and effects. Similarly, we will be reviewing the various 2D and 3D animation styles and how they can improve your video publishing business.

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