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8 Video Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business in 2023


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March 19, 2023

The never-ending buzz around TikTok and the upward growth of video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime in recent years denote one thing — more people are consuming video content than ever! As an entrepreneur, you can leverage videos to educate your audience, promote products and services, and improve your firm’s bottom line. According to a recent survey, 86% of marketers utilize video as a marketing tool. Of this number, 78% feel this route positively impacted their sales. If you’d like to kick-start video marketing, this guide delivers context on top video marketing hacks you should know to grow your business and maximize ROIs in 2023. Without further ado, let’s hit the ground running!

Video Marketing Explained

Video marketing means using videos to promote and market your business’s products and services. The goal of video marketing is pretty straightforward — educate, nurture, and convert your target audience to paying customers. 

According to a survey, 96% of people watched videos to understand the inner workings of a business. Of this number, 89% patronized the firm’s product or service. A video marketing campaign is deemed successful when it appeals to your target audience and spurs them to take the next step in the buyer’s journey.

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8 Video Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand

Video marketing is utilized by numerous businesses to expand their reach. However, there’s a chance that you don’t know where to start. If you’re in this category, don’t fret. You can get the ball rolling with these eight video marketing tips:

#1 Create a Budget

Before executing a video marketing campaign, create a budget. Budgeting is important as it prevents overspending on video production. 

Splurging cash on a video doesn’t automatically guarantee success. However, investing in talent and equipment might be worthwhile to keep your audience hooked and make sales. 

When curating a video marketing budget, ask yourself these pertinent questions:

  • Will the video be posted on organic channels or run as an advert?
  • Do I need to engage the services of an influencer for this video?
  • Can I produce this video in-house or should I hire a reputable video production firm?
  • If video production occurs in-house, will my team be the focus, or do I need to hire other creators and actors?
  • Where will the video shoot happen?

Answering these questions should give you an overview of tasks you can handle in-house and variations you’ll need to outsource. That way, you’ll be able to create a budget you won’t exceed.

#2 Use the Equipment in Your Possession

You might think that video marketing requires using a DSLR or GoPro. However, this assertion is false. Although your videos need to ooze quality, you can make top-notch variations using your smartphone. 

Another important aspect is lighting. If you can’t afford a ring light, head out to areas with sufficient natural light for your videos shots.

#3 Set Out Your Video Goals

Before you create any video, consider its purpose. What’s your end game with the video? How would you measure its success? Having a goal before curating a video is non-negotiable, as it defines the video you’ll create, the intended targets, and the platform you’ll post it on. 

#4 Know Your Target Audience

Once you’ve uncovered the why of your video marketing efforts, determine your target audience.

You can decipher your video’s target audience by integrating specific metrics: age, gender, hobbies, profession, common objections, etcetera. Once you’ve carved out your intended audience, you’ll understand their pain points and can create videos that’ll engage, nurture, and convert them into customers.

#5 Select Your Marketing Channel Carefully

The channel you choose determines the success of your video marketing efforts. For instance, YouTube is the perfect alternative if your videos are explainers or tutorials. Conversely, if they’re short and meaty (usually 60 seconds long), you’d be better off utilizing Facebook Reels to reach your target audience effectively. 

#6 Write a Script Before Shooting

Creating a script before shooting a video prevents you from going off-topic, over-elaborating on points you shouldn’t, or missing out on crucial topics. With scripts, you can save yourself from multiple takes.

When creating one, however, apply these tested and proven tips:

  • Use “you” when addressing your audience. That way, they feel the video is tailored specifically for them. 
  • Hook your audience by highlighting their pain point or the video’s primary purpose. 
  • Write the way you talk. Your script should be easy to read out. 
  • Adopt colloquial language. Complex words might dampen people’s interest in your video.
  • Keep things short and straightforward. Avoid long and complicated sentences.

Additionally, highlight transitions or drumrolls in your script. That way, you know what tone and feel to aim for throughout the video.

#7 Film in Bits

Promoting your business in front of a camera might seem daunting if you’re just venturing into the video marketing scene. To scale past this hurdle, film in bits. By doing so, the chances of you veering off-topic are almost non-existent. 

Additionally, filming in pieces also means that you can quickly do retakes for parts where you made minor errors. And once you’re done, you can tie these bits together via a video editor. 

#8 Insert a CTA

CTA, or Call to Action, is crucial to your video marketing campaign as it informs viewers on what to do next. 

Your CTA can take any format. It could entail asking viewers to subscribe to your channel, leave a comment, or visit your website.

NOTE: Although most people insert CTAs at the end of their videos, you can place yours just before the main content starts or the point where your users are most engaged. 

Parting Shot

Videos are essential to any brand’s marketing strategy. With video marketing, you can educate your audience, promote your firm’s offerings, and attract paying clients.

If you’d like to use video marketing to upscale your business, we’ve outlined top hacks to get started on a high. By adopting these techniques to the “T,” taking your business to greater heights within a short timeline is 100% attainable.