About Plavid Network

We are a team of videographers and online marketers. Our interests range from video games to YouTube videos. We understand that all videos have similar principles and protocols. If you are a video gaming expert, you can easily become a YouTube vlogger. That is why our website is dedicated to video bloggers

More of Our History

How we got to be
At the top of our team is Jonathan Blake. Jonathan started working with the original VHS video format in the 1980s. He was among the first people to publish videos to the internet. His YouTube channel now has more than 1 million subscribers. Jonathan works closely with Marianne Chandra. Marianne is obsessed with video software. She knows which software can create a specific effect and which one won’t. These two have been members of our team since 2010. They are also involved in vetting new members of our team. Our team also consists of gaming videographers. These are people who review the latest VFX effects. In the recent past, they have concentrated their efforts on reviewing Android and iOS apps. They believe that the future of video publishing is in mobile. Do you think that is the truth?

How It Started

Plavid Video was created in 2009. The founders were video gamers and YouTube editors. After reviewing marketing trends, they predicted that video publishing would be the dominant marketing type in a few years. Consequently, they decided to create a site where video publishers can share premium ways of creating new videos. By 2012, the small team of two people had grown to about five people. They decided to create extra pages where specific video publishing subjects were discussed. They also decided to start a weekly video review. During this review, they could present the latest developments in video publishing. When this program became popular, we decided to start doing it daily. As a result, our website has many articles touching on video publishing and video gaming processes. Our history has not been all that rosy. In 2017, we were cash-strapped, and we had to do some layoffs to remain afloat. Consequently, our articles on video publishing were reduced. We picked up again in 2018 and were able to bring back most of our team members. Before the Corona pandemic hit all industries, we were back in full strength publishing weekly videos. We do hope to continue our rich history by publishing articles about 3D video editing, photography, and VFX effects in the future. We hope you’ll be part of this journey.

Plavid Mission And Vision

Our mission is to explore the opportunities available to video publishers. We want every video publisher to access the latest video publishing tips. Most people have the right equipment and the right skills, but they require some special knowledge to publish videos on the internet. Whether you are a photographer or video gaming creator, this website has something for you.

You can expect to get weekly reviews, insights, and reports about the video publishing industry. We also hope to encourage other videographers to share their stories, challenges, and victories. Ultimately, our vision of being one of the best video publishing websites will be realized.