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10 Seo Strategy Myths You Should Not Believe Anymore [Infographic]

Seo & Content Marketing - 22 July 2015

Writing on a blog without a seo strategy is like driving a car without gasoline. Search engine optimization in not easy to understand, because of its periodical changes, but it is necessary for you if you want to write seo friendly content and to increase your blog traffic

Many publishers always complain about the fact that there is not a certificated or official Seo strategy guide to follow. If you search something more about SEO on the web, you will find a lot of statements and contradictions about its use in a seo strategy

We cannot give you official guide lines, but we can offer you a great infographic, made by SEOPressor, that can help you understand which seo strategy myths you should not believe anymore

1. Seo is dead! Again!

The truth is that seo has never dead. Seo is always changing and it’s still one the most important activities for a blogger. The problem with seo is that Google will always make it more and more difficult, but it is necessary to let quality and seo friendly content and websites be on the top of the serps. 

2. Seo is All Tricks

Of course there are a lot of tricks that can help you optimize your blog in an easier and faster way. But pay attention! Google doesn’t like all seo tricks. This is why Google always penalizes those kind of activities. Try to reach the top of your users’serps with more quality and seo friendly content to increase your blog traffic.

3. SEO is a One-time Effort

That’s a common myth: once you’ve done you will be on top of the serp forever. That’s wrong. Your page rank needs a lot of work. You have to work on your seo strategy constantly to keep increasing your blog traffic

4. Meta Tags Don’t Matter

It’s now official that Google doesn’t use meta tag as a factor of page rankings anymore. But it doesn’t mean that you can not use it anymore. It still remains an important element for your visitors to understand what your blog is about. 

5. The Length of Content Doesn’t Matter

The truth is that content length matter to your blog seo strategy even if it doesn’t impact on your ranking. It is not the only factor for Google to analyze if a blog content is good or not, but actually if you look for some great content on serp, the first results will be content that it’s at least 2,000 words.  

6. Social Activity Doesn’t Matter

It’s not actually true. Google cares about social signals even if they are not an official page rank or content rank factor. But Google does consider social shares and likes on your content as a sign of quality. The fact that Google Plus posts and Tweets are now on search engines results can mean that Google is gradually changing its mind about it. 

7. Guest Blogging Doesn’t Work Anymore

When Matt Cutts announced it in 2014 he wouldn’t mean that guest blog is dead but just that guest blogging would not longer be a way to get links. As Matt Cutts confirmed guest blogging is still ok, and you should use it in your seo strategy to reach influencer blogger niches or to improve your blog reputation and increase your blog traffic

8. You’ll Lose Traffic if You Link to Other Websites

Linking to other websites or blogs is a loss of traffic it’s true but it’s just temporary. The aim of this activity is to build trust with your readers by linking authority websites and blogs, showing them your quality sources. Of course do it just when it’s necessary and try to use more internal link.

9. Google Hates SEO

Google loves seo but Google hates illegal tricks. The aim of Google is just to give users the best quality and seo friendly content. So if Google complicates your seo it’s just to help users find what they need. Don’t think seo is your enemy but look at it as an opportunity to create more and more quality content. 

10. Great Content is All You Need

We’ve already talked about how great blog content can improve your website views. Yes it’s true great content is the first thing to do to increase your blog traffic, but it is not everything. A seo strategy needs a lot of activities to work, such as using the right long tail keywords or writing engaging titles and seo friendly content

Optimizing your blog and increase your traffic is not easy. But with these simple rules you will be able to understand which statements about seo strategy are true or false. Look below at the infographic that resumes ten seo strategy myth you should not believe anymore


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