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Facebook Instant Articles and Native Advertising: what are the consequences for publishers? 

Monetization Tips - 28 May 2015

On May 12th Facebook introduced Instant Articles, a new tool that could revolutionize the use of content on the web. Through this new Facebook option, users will be able to read content directly on the social network, without needing to exit the platform. How will publishers and Native Advertising deal with Facebook Instant Articles?

Why did Facebook Instant Articles come up?

Web users use Facebook as a primary source for news. Facebook Instant Articles were thought of to improve the reading experience of users, mostly on mobile devices. Instant Articles allow users to read news directly on Facebook. They will indeed avoid the time that it takes to load an article on an external browser, which on average takes 8 seconds to load. 

What are the consequences for publishers?

By reading content directly on Facebook, users won’t be redirected to publishers websites anymore. In addition to increasing the readers’ experience, Facebook also improved the way publishers create their content on the social network. Thanks to Instant Articles, publishers will be able to create new and interactive content with images, videos and infographics; visual content that will grab the readers’ attention.


How will Native Advertising deal with Facebook Instant Articles?

Publishers are currently monetizing through Native Advertising inserted inside their website content. As Facebook stated

We designed Instant Articles to give publishers control over their stories, brand experience and monetization opportunities. Publishers can sell ads in their articles and keep the revenue, or they can choose to use Facebook’s Audience Network to monetize unsold inventory. Publishers will also have the ability to track data and traffic through comScore and other analytics tools.

Facebook wants to launch a new form of native ads, by giving publishers 70% of the earnings from native ads inside Instant Articles.

At the moment Facebook is testing Instant Articles with nine big international publishers, such us The New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed and The Guardia, and they are only available on mobile devices. According to Facebook, Instant Articles will soon be available to smaller publishers, and they will revolutionize yet again, content creation online readability, creating new forms of Native Advertising.

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