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How to find great long tail keywords to optimize your blog

Seo & Content Marketing - 29 May 2015

Keywords are an important ranking factor in a seo strategy. As we stated in our previous post, there are two types of Keywords: Head Keywords and Long-Tail Keywords. In order to optimize your blog and rank it among the top of users’ Serps, you must focus on the second one. In this post we want to tell you how to find great long tail keywords to use in the seo strategy of your blog. 

In a seo strategy there are many different ways to find the right long tail keywords to optimize your blog for your target users. Here are four different options: 

1) Leverage your blog analytics

 In order to find out which long tail keywords your users use to find you on Google, you can visit you blog analytics. Through your analytics panel, you can monitor your blog queries. Sometimes users don’t necessarily look for you with the keywords that you chose, but they can find you with others. 

Once you find your queries, try to insert them into your seo strategy with the other long tail keywords that you have already chosen and optimize your blog whit them. 

2) Ask Google 

Even Google can give you suggestions about what people type in on search engines. Try to type one of your blog long tail keywords and see what google suggests. 


You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the related searches that Google suggests to you. This will give you a better idea about which words users use to find a the topic of you.r blog, and you can insert them in your seo strategy to optimize your blog.

3) Sign up to forums

Forums are a good place to find what users look for. People usually ask other web users information about a topic to receive suggestions and feedback. Try to sign up to forums connected to the topics of your blog, and try to understand the search trends and insert it in your optimization strategy. 

You can also look at private groups in social networks such as Linkedin Groups or Facebook Groups.

4) Use Google Keyword Planner

Once you’ve found ideas for your long tail keywords, you can use the Google Keyword Planner to get more information about the search volume of these keywords. You can also filter your research by language, country and dates. This tool will give you an idea of the average monthly searches and how competitive these keywords are.  

These 4 suggestions are just some of the many ways that you can use to find great
long tail keywords to optimize your blog. Remember that there are also some paid tools that can give you detailed information about your long tail keywords. We have suggested some of the most used free tools.

Choose the ones that you prefer for your seo strategy and good luck with your search!

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