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Maximize your earnings through mobile-only video campaigns of Plavid

Monetization Tips Plavid News - 1 April 2016

The exponential growth of the Internet audience coming from the mobile devices is clearly seen. As demonstrated in the image below (source Mashable), it is estimated that by 2017 the number of mobile phone users worldwide will be around 5 Bilion

In light of this evidence, Plavid offers today the opportunity to enhance the value of your Mobile inventory thanks to new "mobile-only" video campaigns


What are "mobile -only" campaigns? 

Unlike other Video Placement campaigns, mobile-only campaigns are only seen by users who are accessing your website through a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet .

So the publisher earns each time a user clicks on the player to see the video.

How to enable the 100% Mobile campaigns on your website?

Mobile-only campaigns will automatically run both inside your Native All-in and EVU-Overlay player. If you are already using our Javascript code, you will not have to add any additional code

If you are not registered on Plavid yet and you want to start monetizing mobile traffic to your website easier and with Premium Brand video campaigns, subscribe here

Increase the involvement to begin earning money with Facebook!
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Increase the involvement to begin earning money with Facebook!