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The state of Content Marketing and Native Advertising in 2015

Research & Trends - 25 June 2015

In April 2015 Digiday and PulsePoint asked publishers and advertisers what they think about the growth of Content Marketing and Native Advertising, in a study called “State of Industry”, available here. The main goal of the study was to understand if publishers and advertisers know the differences between the two activities and how they use the different types of ad formats. In addition the study investigated what are the major barriers that they have to face within content and native ads. We will report here the results of the study about the publishers’ point of view. Here is what Digiday and PulsePoint found.

Definition of Content Marketing and Native Advertising

Publishers are really aware about  the difference between the two: Content Marketing is the strategy while Native Advertising is a tactic of execution.   
What publishers said is that
Content Marketing is the message while Native Advertising is the way this message is delivered and this is where these two activities meet. We analyzed three types of native advertising formats in one of our previous blog post, available here.

The Role of Content Marketing and Native Advertising

The study shows that publishers have a different perspective about the role of the two activities in their field in respect to advertisers. In fact, publishers are more positive about Native Advertising and native ads format. The reason for this different point of view might be because advertisers still haven’t fully understood the advantages of these ad formats


What are the major barriers for publishers in Content Marketing and Native Advertising?

According to the study, publishers major fears are the lack of demand from advertisers and insufficient internal resources to increase their native and content activities. Another important barrier for them is the fear of the “Sponsored Stigma”, that means that publishers don’t want to lose the quality and the integrity of their editorial content, by inserting sponsored and branded content despite native one.  


What publishers do expect for next years?

According to publishers’ opinion native ads and content marketing will growth more than any other ad format in the next two years; 65% of them therefore said that native ads and content marketing  are now the major sources of their revenues and they all expect a deeply shift from display ads to mobile ads format. However according to publishers there is a new ad format that will take place near to content marketing and native advertising: this is the digital video.  

Digital video is therefore the ad format that is gradually increasing users engagement and this is why publishers understand the potential of video ads. 

What about programmatic and automation marketing?

According to Digiday and PulsePoint study both publishers and advertisers trust in the growth of advertising technologies, above all Programmatic Advertising. According to them, advertising technology will power content marketing and native advertising providing more precise data and targeting the right audience for each ad format. Nevertheless what both of them don’t believe is that advertising technologies can be involved in the creation and production of content. 

Do you agree with this study? What are your next goal for your Content Marketing and Native Advertising strategies? 

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