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08. How do videoseeding campaigns work?

Videoseeding campaigns allow you to make money posting on your website or blog entertaining branded videos.

To activate a video-seeding campaign, you have to follow three simple steps:
1.Choose your favorite video format
2.Insert the code on your website or blog just once
3.Make money every time a user clicks on the sponsored video to watch it

To participate in our campaigns, you have to add at least one website to your Plavid account. You’ll be invited to participate in the campaigns most appropriate to your audience and to the characteristics of your website.

You will receive an email every time a new campaign is available.


09. What’s the easiest way to manage video seeding campaigns?

The easiest way to manage video-seeding campaigns is to implement on your website the All-in player or EVU (Engagement Video Units) formats.

Both the all-in player and EVU formats show in rotation all the campaigns available for your account. In this way you will not have to worry about replacing the code every time a campaign’s budget runs out.

The all-in player is available in the “native” version, while the EVU formats are available in two versions: Footer and Overlay.

Both formats disappear automatically from your website in the case that all the campaign’s budgets run out. The Player All-in also allows you to enter an alternative code to show to your audience: in this way you will not waste a click!
In both cases, all-in player will automatically re-appear when a new Plavid campaign is available.


10. Can I integrate Plavid in my Adserver?

Yes, you can integrate Plavid in your Adserver.
 If you want to learn more, contact us at


11. How can I stop running a campaign on my website?

To stop running a Plavid campaign you just need to delete Plavid embed code from your web site. You can stop running the campaign at anytime and you will be able to cash in the money you earned until that time.


12. How can I check my earnings?

From your Plavid account, you can check at anytime and in real time your earnings. You can also consult advanced statistics that show your earnings per day/website/format/device and so on.


13. Which ad formats can I choose from?

You can choose two different ad formats:

1. Native All-in: the ideal format for text-based site. It’s an out-stream video format that seamlessly integrated with the editorial content of the page. The video starts only when the user clicks play and can be stopped at any time. Customizable sizes: from 180*123 to 600*375.

2. EVU Overlay: rich-media video format that maximizes the user experience. The video starts only when the user clicks play and the overlay can be closed at any time.

Both formats are responsive and allow you to earn even from you mobile traffic.


14. How can I suspend a campaign that I don’t want to run on my site?

From the campaign section, you can see the list of campaigns that are actually running on The Native All-in or EVU player.
To suspend the single campaign, just click on the “OFF” button and the video campaign won’t continue to run in your site/sites.


15. What happen if all campaigns run out of budget?

If you implemented the javascript version of the code (our suggested option), when all the available campaigns for your account run out of budget, the ad format will disappear from you site. This way, you won’t waste a click!

If you are using the javascript version of the Native all-in format, you can insert your passback code that will run third party campaigns in case all Plavid campaigns run out of budget.

The ad format will automatically re-appear in your site when a new campaign is available.

If you are using the iframe version of the Native All-in code, the player will continue to run the last campaign, but you won’t earn on the clicks made until a new campaign is launched.


18. What’s preroll?

Preroll is the format that allows you to monetize your video content by inserting, before it, Premium Brand Video ads. By clicking on your video player, the user will see a video ad that lasts maximum 30 seconds, usually skippable after the first few seconds.


19. How to activate a preroll campaign?

To start monetizing with pre roll campaigns, you just need to select the ad format from the campaign section and insert the VAST tag inside your video player: the code will automatically run, before your video content, all available campaigns for your account. You can use Plavid Preroll with any video player that support VAST tags.