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  • 100+

    brands have
    chosen Plavid
    for their video

  • 10.000

    vertical websites,
    blogs, web apps
    and Social

  • 5

    video views
    per month

  • 800

    users all
    over the

Brand Safe Planning and Contextual Targeting

Branded content is distributed exclusively on brand safe blogs, websites and apps, so that advertisers get visibility only in safe and controlled spaces.

The video is displayed only on web pages consistent with the thematic areas of the brand: the users reached are likely to be interested in the sponsored content, therefore they freely choose to interact with it.

Global Reach on specific User Segments

The Plavid network consists of more than 10.000 premium publishers and can reach over 800 million users per month all over the world.

The Plavid network is structured in 18 vertical segments which guarantee complete coverage of interests and habits of web users.


Campaign Performance Tracking
based on over 30KPIs

Thanks to an advanced analytical technology, specifically conceived and
designed for multichannel distribution, our Tracking software processes and
organizes the campaigns’ data in real time, leveraging over 30 different KPIs
defined according to our clients’ needs.
All data are certified by external
reporting system by Adform and Google Analytics.
Furthermore, through Online Campaign Raiting by Nielsen,
advertisers can access a rich set of insights about the campaign target audience
(reach, frequency, unique audience, GRP etc.).

6 + 1 reasons
to choose Plavid

  • 1

    Advertising experience

    based on the users’ initiative.

  • 2

    A cost-per-view model

    that guarantees the achievement
    of our clients’ goals.

  • 3

    A multichannel approach

    to optimize the media budget.

  • 4

    Three different tools

    to maximize the campaign’s
    reach and the user engagement.

  • 5

    Contextual advertising

    which allows the advertiser to reach its target
    audience in the most effective way.

  • 6

    A Premium network

    which guarantees Safe Brand
    Distribution and complete
    coverage of the users’ interests.

Highest Engagement,
Highest Reach,
Guaranteed Performance.

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