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What is your take on the 8K video format?
We have published several articles that touch on the merits and demerits of 8K video formats. Please check those articles for more information.
What causes videos to have slow motion in playback?
The frames per second play a key role in how your video is displayed. For example, 30 frames-per-second should not play for more than ten seconds. If more than that is played, your video will play in slow motion.
Why am I having problems when I try to publish my video?
Video publishing requires the keying in of specific instructions. The instructions can be entered manually or by using specific software.
Is there a way to set precise timings for the output video?
You can use auto-advance timings to create slide timings. This allows your output video to stop and start after a specified time. For example, you can specify that the video stops playing after two minutes.