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04. What kind of websites are not allowed to sign up to Plavid?

Plavid does not allow file-sharing websites which allow users to download and share copyright-protected content (Law 633/1941).

Plavid does not allow adult websites containing child pornographic images or highly erotic content, or websites that promote or glorify violence, racism and blasphemy.

In addition our staff may not admit websites that are not compliant with the following standards:

- Categories: websites with few pages and categories, such as websites that show only the Home Page and a single category with few content or empty, may not be allowed;

- Update: websites whose latest editorial content has been published more than two months earlier may not be allowed;

- Quantity of editorial content: websites with few editorial content in each category may not be allowed;

- Quality of editorial content: websites with short editorial content (less than 300 words) not relevant to the website categories may not be allowed;

- Topics: websites with a not defined editorial policy (such us websites with no relevant categories), e-commerce websites or single topic websites (such us websites about a book or a film) may not be allowed;

- Layout: websites showing a not managed layout with a not defined sidebar, in which the main categories are not well shown may not be allowed;

If any quality accounts related to the website you want to sign up exist on the main social networks, this will be assessed positively for the website approval.