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09. What’s the easiest way to manage video seeding campaigns?

The easiest way to manage video-seeding campaigns is to implement on your website the All-in player or EVU (Engagement Video Units) formats.

Both the all-in player and EVU formats show in rotation all the campaigns available for your account. In this way you will not have to worry about replacing the code every time a campaign’s budget runs out.

The all-in player is available in the “native” version, while the EVU formats are available in two versions: Footer and Overlay.

Both formats disappear automatically from your website in the case that all the campaign’s budgets run out. The Player All-in also allows you to enter an alternative code to show to your audience: in this way you will not waste a click!
In both cases, all-in player will automatically re-appear when a new Plavid campaign is available.