Video Ideas

People buy what they love to see rather than the theoretical explanations that do not give them the practical outlook of the products. A video of a tankless water heater will benefit from this form of marketing. It is among the best form of digital marketing. The advanced technology provides a better way of disseminating information about the tankless water heaters. When you opt to use email marketing to promote the heaters then a video file can accompany the email campaign to market the product. What are the different video ideas to promote it?

Make it simple with catchy images

We are in the era of advanced technology and videos can be viewed right from the smartphones or tablet. To increase the audience make the videos as short as possible to encourage someone to download it even on their smartphone without worrying about the storage space.

Advertise the video without disclosing its content

People love to quench their curiosity and by this announcement, the moment you unleash the video then be sure that you will have a varied audience who may turn out to be sales.

Use happy clients as video testimonials.

Few people love to test waters, instead, they prefer to take products that have been tested and proven. Use your customers as a marketing tool even on your websites, social media pages, email campaigns and even local visual media.

Have a practical video set up of the water heater

Assume the viewer lacks the idea of how to use the heater. Have a video demonstration from assemblage to usage as you use the platform to explain the benefits. You can explain the features of the tankless water heater and their specific function of water heating.

Sell the benefits and positive impact of the tank on their lives

It is an old-school way to just throw the product in the market and just tell people to buy. Customers want to know of what benefit will this tank have on their life. Basically, what is the compelling factor that will make him think otherwise and just purchase it?

Provide relevant, factual and valuable information

Do not just sell the product on the video. Provide information relevant to the tankless heaters. For example, you can use the platform to educate people on the importance of hot water. Within the video, you now mention the tankless heater as the only way to have instant hot water shower at home without using more water. The name tankless should come out clearly and the fact that it saves on utility bills like water and electricity is a selling point.

Have a live interview to get feedback

You can take advantage of the live chats as well as the live sessions on social media pages to break the monotony of just disseminating information without getting feedback. Wherever you post the video have a session to also listen to interested parties as well as customers who already have your products. Besides, you also get to address some of the concerns of new customers. This is a technique when used wisely can be the best marketing tool for tankless water heaters. The fact that this is a product rather than a service industry, you have a chance to just have a practical session to prove efficiency and effectiveness of the heaters to both homes and commercial enterprises.



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